The hunger for travel, at a human pace

The thirst for adventure, the unexpected encounter

That feeling, to be confronted to nature’s elements

Living, life from an other point of view

On board Zef, we look after/watch over your wellbeing, so you can enjoy your sailing holidays to the fullest, in a safe environment. Let us take you along the natural splendor of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean with its crystal clear waters and local marine wildlife, so you can discover what land looks like from the sea..


As a certified sailing instructor, it would be my pleasure to confide you the knowledge of sailing and navigation, and how to manoeuvre my ship. Zef is very pleasant to steer, and has the excellent reputation of being both puissant as well a fortress. 

You can participate in the navigation and learn to understand the conduct of a sailing boat, or you can simply sit back, relax and let us do the sweaty work to sail you to the next creek.

It is important to be in good health

to spend your holiday aboard a sailing vessel. 

For whom?

For families, couples, or with friends

Privatise our boat for you and your favorite partners in crime, so you can have Zef all to yourselves. Small sailors are very welcome from 7 years old and under parental guidance. 


For solo flyers or couples : Composed crew

Book a single berth or a cabin for two, if you're looking for adventure and share it with people you've never met before. You will be part of a 'composed crew' of other travellers that had the same idea. Every passenger will have his own personal space. It is my responsability to look after the wellbeing of the whole group, so everyone can feel at home on the water in a safe environment. 


The preparation of lunch and evening meals is a service included when you privatise the boat.

Ester's on board cuisine is simple, healthy and tasty.  

Menus are adapted to our navigation zones, and inspired by  local spices, traditional meals and your cravings


Always open for your suggestions and your own tips & tricks, our recepy book gets bigger every season. And that's thanks to you, in different languages even !

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On board extras

You have a full option on what happens in between sailing: crystal clear water bathing, unlimited snorkeling sessions, paddling into the night, and best of all : visiting small paradise-like creeks or picturesque harbors. It is up to you how you’d prefer to spend your holidays, and we are here to make sure of that. 


Ready to take a leap ?